Who are we?

Jack and Nick - Queer Nomads

We are Jack and Nick. A transman and a lesbian couple who have been together for 16 years. We've been lucky enough to be able to travel to different countries around the world while we work online, but while we did, we found out that navigating the world as a queer couple can have it's own set of challenges that is unique to the LGBTQ+ community. We started Queer Nomads to connect with other LGBTQ+ travellers to swap tips, share safe places to visit and meet up for chats and drinks!


Everyone is welcome here, no matter what your orientation or how you identify. 

He / Him / His


Jack Bean

He / His / Him

Jack is an artist, animal-lover, reader, writer and in all honesty, a little bit of a weirdo too! Throughout his life as a female-to-male transgender, he has discovered that the secret to happiness is to love yourself and express who you are honestly.

He is a creative type and always has been. He currently illustrates the artwork that you see in our shop, and takes on commissions to fund our travels. 


Jack is also pretty lazy, loves coffee and sweet things!


Nick Saunders-Jones

She / Her / Hers

Nick is a proud lesbian, but that's only a small part of who she is.


She's also a sun-loving beach creep who likes long walks, rock music and trying new food. She is a vegan foodie, and one of her favourite things to do is hunt out the very best vegan eating spots from street food to luxurious dining. Accompanied by a few drinks, of course.

To Nick, life is short and not promised to anyone, so she aims to enjoy it to the fullest for as long as she can!